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Field Events...They're In The Field!

My previous career was in tech, and often someone's job title or department would be 'Field Marketing'. Aptly named for them being out of the office but it usually doesn't mean they were in a pasture, how grateful I am to be doing field marketing and to have our events truly in the field! Come meet us there!


Upcoming Workshop

Each month we host one event or another. Our next event is a workshop Friday August 25th, Revitalizing Grasslands with Holistic Livestock Management. It is open to anyone who wants to learn the hands-on, or technical ways, that you can assess soil health and manage livestock in a way that is beneficial and not detrimental. These events are made possible in part by the Park City Community Foundation Climate Fund grant and we are grateful for their support!


September Green Drinks with Recycle Utah

In addition to this event, we are hosting the September installment of Green Drinks! A Recycle Utah monthly event where local businesses and citizens gather to discuss varying conservation topics, be it water, energy, recycling, and what we each can do to help. For our event, the topic is sustainable food production and there will be eight businesses present to share what they are doing, how and why. They include:

  • Go Biochar

  • Summit Community Gardens

  • Copper Moose Farms

  • CCPC

  • Casperville Creations

  • Three Springs

  • Spoil to Soil

  • MadSnacks Produce

These are all amazing groups and humans so please RESERVE YOUR SPOT and join us for this free event and BYO Drink and Food.


Recent Events: 100 Mile Meal and Food and Country Film Screening

We are blessed with amazing community partners that introduced our ranch and practices to more people. In July we worked with Slow Food Utah, Sundance Institute and Utah Film Center. It was the screening of a Sundance Film Festival documentary, Food and Country. There were 75 people for the farm tour and nearly 100 for the screening!

And last week was the annual 100 Mile Meal with Recycle Utah. They do an amazing job sourcing from producers within 100 miles. Just look at the list of 37 groups they collected from. If you want to buy and support local, this is best list I've seen for Summit County! We were even honored to have a minute to share our thoughts about producing food and that healthy food begins with healthy soil! Note: Pictures are compliments of Recycle Utah


Chicken Processing Workshop

We had two students at our inaugural workshop on raising and processing chicken! Our goal was to build confidence and skills for any attendee that they now know what it takes to raise meat birds and that they can do it! One reason chicken processing is such an important skill to know is that there currently isn't a chicken slaughter facility in the state of Utah to take your chicken. So if you raise it, you need to kill it. Utah-raised chicken is rare, we estimate less than 10,000 birds/year, and we are 1,000 of that! So we welcome anyone who wants to produce chicken, please do so!


We are so grateful for the support we receive from the Wasatch Front and Back. We promise we'll have more chicken shortly. They are growing slower this year and we had nearly a whole batch taken out by a skunk but that is all behind us now and we plan to have them ready in 3 weeks! Much love, Mitch, James and McKinley

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