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Happy Earth Day! Honing a regenerative mindset

We hope that everyone in their own way feels a strong connection to this beautiful sphere we call Earth! At 3 Springs, we count ourselves blessed to work daily with nature to produce healthier soil and healthier meat, that’s why we started this ranch a year ago!

Regenerative Agriculture has become a more common phrase in the past few years, and even buzzwordy at times. The reality is that being regenerative doesn’t apply to just agriculture, it is first our mindset and then our decisions that lead to adapting with nature and restoring, or improving the health of the planet and ourselves. The opposite would be extractive and somewhere in between would be sustainable.

The reality is I bounce back and forth on this spectrum throughout each day, even each hour. Did I walk to the store or drive? Did I throw away food scraps or put them in a compost pile? Did I fertilize my lawn with clover or chemicals? Did I buy in bulk or single-use? Did I buy local or commercial? To quote Joel Salatin when we visited his farm last year, he was asked why he doesn’t use regenerative feed for his chickens, ‘Incrementalism to perfection’ was his answer.

Isn’t that really the solution to how we heal and ensure a habitable planet? Identify our decisions, and incrementally move towards actions that help make and not just take. It all matters and makes a difference. The Earth loses when we think our individual actions are inconsequential.

Thank you for each action you take (seen or unseen) that helps heal the planet. Supporting your local ranchers and farmers focused on soil health is one way you can do that. We will have meat for you soon enough and are excited to host field days this summer to show what we are doing to build soil health. Until then, we wish you well and a continued growing connection with our beautiful diverse planet! Much Love, Mitch, McKinley and James

What we are reading

What we are watching:

Proof Soil Regeneration Works - Ray Archuleta and Soil Food Web

Biggest Little Farm: The Return (Disney+) - Short and heartwarming reminder of the 10-year journey that helped a movement.

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